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Sound Design Online

Sound Design Online is specialized in audio post production and sound design for web videos, explainer videos, radio and TV commercials and Spatial Audio for Virtual Reality or 360 videos.

We’re a ‘virtual audio post production studio’, we offer our services exclusively online. The concept is simple: Choose your product, decide on your preferences and get an overview of the final cost. After placing your order you’ll upload the raw material and, prior to the agreed end date, we will send you a download link with the final audio.

More info: Sound design

Sound design is the creation of all non-composed sounds in a production, like sound effects, ‘Foley’ (e.g. footsteps) and musical effects.

With a large library of sound effects, the ability to record professional Foley and the best tools for sound editing, we can supply every production with great sound design.

More info: Mixing and mastering

We use audio editing, mixing and mastering to obtain the perfect sound. This means a clearly audible and intelligible voice-over without irritating clicks or breathing, and the perfect tonal and dynamic balance between voice-over, music and sound effects.

We also take care to ensure that your audio meets all the technical standards, such as EBU R128 (Europe) or ATSC A85 (USA) for TV productions.

More info: Spatial audio for VR and 360 videos

Nowadays we see more and more 360 videos, on Youtube or in VR apps. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360 video to watch it from different angles. Unfortunately most of these videos still have ‘regular’ stereo audio.

But imagine: you put on your headphones and all of a sudden the sound of an airplane actually seems to come from above. A sound coming from the back really sounds as if it’s behind you. Unless you rotate your head or the phone. In that case the sound also rotates, just like in real life!

Spatial audio for 360 videos and Virtual Reality productions: that’s what Sound Design Online can deliver!