Sound Design Online

Professional sound design and audio post production.
Ordered easily online.


Sound Design Online:

Audio post production services, ordered easily online.
We are specialized in audio editing, sound design and mixing for (inter)national commercials, explainer-, web- and corporate videos.

Within 1 working day

Need editing/mixing of your commercial, web video or corporate video? We’ll have it done within 1 working day.


Experienced sound designers

Our sound designers have many years of experience and deliver quality. Have a look at our showreel!


Direct overview of costs

Our online ordering system allows you to place orders quickly and will provide you with a direct overview of the final costs.


Same-day response

Contact us on working days before 5 p.m. (CET) and you will receive a reply from us the very same day.

Virtually attend sessions

Want to give us directions during a studio session? You can virtually attend a studio session from anywhere in the world.

Custom music

Would you like to have music composed specially for your production? This, too, Sound Design Online can do!

Our work

We can talk about our work, but the most important thing is: how does it sound?
You can be the judge. Take a look at our showreel!

Clip 1 & 3: Sound design, audio editing and mixing for Cooler Media.
Clip 2: Sound design, audio editing and mixing for Made.For.Digital.
Clip 4: Audio editing and mixing of ‘Jimdo’ TV commercials (4 languages) for

“Professional sound design and mixing, fast delivery, inexpensive rates. These are the core values of Sound Design Online”

Place order

The concept of Sound Design Online is simple: Choose your product to open the order form. Here, you can pick your preferences: Would you like us to do full sound design for your production, or just mixing and mastering? Would you like us to compose music specially for your production? We can do it all. After placing your order, we will contact you to talk about your project.

Can’t find the product you want? Let us know your specific requirements. If you email us before 5 p.m. (CET) on a working day, you’ll receive a quote the very same day!

Commercial Radio/TV/Web

Sound design, audio editing, mixing and/or mastering of commercials (radio, Spotify, TV or Web).
From € 119,-

Web Video / Explainer Video

Sound design, audio editing, mixing and/or mastering of web videos or explanimations.
From € 119,-

Corporate Video / Event Video

Sound design, audio editing, mixing and/or mastering of corporate videos or event videos.
From € 119,-

What is
sound design?

Sound design is the creation of all non-composed sounds in a production. With our large library of sound effects, the ability to record foley sounds and the best tools for sound editing, we can supply every production with great sound design. We have already worked on numerous (inter)national productions!

What is

We use audio editing, mixing and mastering to obtain the perfect sound. This means a clearly audible and intelligible voice-over without irritating clicks or breathing, and the perfect tonal and dynamic balance between voice-over, music and sound effects. We also take care to ensure that your audio meets all the technical guidelines, such as EBU R128 or ATSC A85 for TV.

Frequently asked questions

 Exchanging files

We offer our services exclusively online. We use WeTransfer to exchange files. You’ll upload the raw material, and we’ll get to work. Prior to the agreed end date, you will receive a download link with the final audio. If desired, we can also combine the audio with the video for you.

 How quickly can you deliver?

Do you need to have a commercial, web video or company video edited and mixed? We usually deliver the final product within 1 working day after receiving your material. In all other cases, we will agree upon a deadline with you and adapt accordingly.

 What is your client base?

Sound Design Online offers its services to companies or individuals who are in need of audio post production/sound design for their audio(visual) production. Advertising agencies, for example, or other ‘creative agencies’ such as studios that produce web videos and explainer videos.

 Can I attend a session?

It can be very helpful to be able to give us directions yourself during a session. As such, we offer you the ability to join our sound designers during the session using Skype. Select ‘Attend Virtual Session’ in the order form so we can make you an appointment.

 How quickly do you reply?

We work online. This typically allows us to have very fast delivery times. Replying to your questions is also much quicker. If you’ve asked a question or requested a quote on a working day before 5 p.m. (CET), you will usually receive a reply from us on the very same day.

 What are the costs?

While filling in our online order form, you will get a direct overview of the costs. Then, once you’ve clicked ‘Request a quote’, we will contact you to discuss your project with you. After that, we will get straight to work.

“Sound Design Online only works with very experienced sound designers. This enables us to guarantee high quality services every day.”


Questions? Send an email to or fill in the contact form.