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Sound design and mixing/mastering for explainer- / web videos, commercials and TV productions.
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Within 1 working day

Need editing/mixing of your commercial, web video or corporate video? Sound Design Online will have it done within 1 working day.

Virtually attend sessions

Want to give directions during a studio session? You can virtually attend a studio session from anywhere in the world.


Direct overview of costs

The online ordering system allows you to place orders quickly and will provide you with a direct overview of the final costs.


Sound Design Online always delivers high quality work.
But you can be the judge of this. Take a look at our showreel!

Clip 1 & 3: Sound design, audio editing and mixing for Cooler Media.
Clip 2: Sound design, audio editing and mixing for Made.For.Digital.
Clip 4: Audio editing and mixing of ‘Jimdo’ TV commercials (4 languages) for Voicebooking.com

“For various clients, Sound Design Online has worked on productions for companies like PHILIPS, UNICEF, STARBUCKS, NVM and many more.”

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Sound Design

Professional sound design
for audio/video productions
From € 199,-

Audio Postproduction

Audio editing, mixing and/or mastering. We make your production sound great!
From € 119,-

What is
sound design?

Sound design is the creation of all non-composed sounds in a production. With a large library of sound effects, the ability to record foley sounds and the best tools for sound editing, Sound Design Online can supply every production with great sound design.

What is
audio postproduction?

We use audio postproduction (audio editing, mixing and mastering) to obtain the perfect sound. This means a clearly audible and intelligible voice-over without irritating clicks or breathing, and the perfect tonal and dynamic balance between voice-over, music and sound effects. Sound Design Online also takes care to ensure that your audio meets all the technical guidelines, such as EBU R128 or ATSC A85 for TV.


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